Nasa 's The Space Of Space

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After NASA’s moon landing among other achievements during the Space Race, many Americans yearned to explore the depths of the unknown Universe. From quasars to brown dwarf stars, there are many wonders that the universe holds for the human race if we decide to leap into the exploration of the universe. Some may believe that reaching for the stars is too costly. However, the exploration of space is within our grasp, and by increasing NASA’s funding, we are able to reach them. So yes, we should fund our space administration in order for us to reach the stars. Firstly, without sufficient funding, NASA would be politically reliant on Russia due to NASA’s need to launch its commercial crew using Russian spaceships on Russian land. According to The Guardian, NASA’s budget has dropped from 4.41 percent of the federal budget in 1966, to today’s budget of 0.5 percent of the federal budget. As a result of continued decrease in funds, NASA has been severely crippled in its ability to operate; this is why NASA’s budget needs to be increased. Without funds nor vehicles to transport its astronauts, NASA must rely on its Russian counterpart in order to fly Americans into space. Due to a rocky relationship with Russia that stems from the Cold War, it is not viable for us to depend our entire space commercial crew program with Russia. Depending on Russia also causes NASA as well as the United States to look weak in front of the national community. Such weakness may cause our political

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