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Old budget was $3747.36 billion ($2672.527 billion in spending, $1074.833 billion in tax expenditures and cuts). 1 New budget is $3540.25 billion ($2461.3 billion in spending, $1078.95 billion in tax expenditures and cuts). 2 You have cut the deficit by $207.11 billion. 3 Your new deficit is $193.89 billion. 2 Spending ($2461.3 billion: cut $211.22 billion) $312.27 billion.... Military Spending Cut $133.83 bil. from base of $446.105 bil.(-30%) $67.11 billion ..... Iraq War and Afghanistan Operations Cut $44.73 bil. from base of $111.851 bil.(-40%) $115.48 billion .... Veterans & Retired Military Pensions and Services (No Change) $31.59 billion ..... International Affairs (No Change) $23.97 billion …show more content…

I wanted to spend a little more on this to balance the budget. I think this is necessary to prepare for our future and is very reasonable. I think most people would be happy with this because we need a plan for future energy resources. I cut transportation and community and regional development because I do not think they need as much money as they were getting. I don’t think people would be very happy with this and I do not think it would be a very realistic cut, because we need a lot of money for these programs due to upkeep for our roads and community and it is essential to Americans that we have reliable ways to get places. Education is important to our future and making sure people can get jobs and is the base to our country’s success, which is why I increased their spending. I think this is realistic and most people would be happy with this. We always want to have better schools and teachers so children can get better educations. I decreased Non-Medicare health spending, because they were spending a lot of money that was not necessary. I do not believe that this is all that realistic, because we need money to pay for medical research and medications. I do not think people would be happy with this, because they want to be taken care of. I decided to increase aid to low-income families so that people who need help can get it to support their families. I think this

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