National Geographic Photographers Review

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National Geographic Photographers Review
National Geographic (before the world wide web) brought the world to its readers. The photographers are able to capture the world in a photo giving the reader greater understanding to the article itself. The job of National Geographic photographer is revered as the “dream job” but the reality is that it’s a grueling task to get that perfect photo. Extreme weather, harsh environments and dangers. Photographers have been injured and even killed just to get that image, that image that than can be iconic in history. The assignments take them all over the world, during times of war, places remote and dangerous. The photographers have to work for the shot, scaling trees, being in the mist of wild and unpredictable animals, hostile people with weapons. One of the photographers took a picture of an elephant charging towards him, most would run but he didn’t and the picture is epically amazing. He could have been killed getting this shot. One of the
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The work is tedious and challenging and is not an easy path to take. To be a National Geographic Photographer would take a great deal of patience and a resistance to suffering. Not just the suffering of harsh conditions that you yourself would endure but the suffering you view around you with minimal ability to change. To walk into a vault of skeletons and see their humanity as they clung to each other in an immortal embrace would be a challenge for anyone to photograph due to its sensitivity in nature and the overwhelming emotion in what’s being viewed. National Geographic Photographers are under different dynamic of obstacles that involve danger and discomfort. Yet they are able to get these photos that grip us and capture our attention and our eagerness to want
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