National Parks And National Resource Parks

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Despite the talk of national parks and national resource parks, the main focus is the everyday park. While I was sitting on the side of the Raritan River I thought to myself how interesting the set up was. As I walked up there was a bench placed perfectly in this gap of trees that allowed you to look out onto the reflecting water. The thing that stuck out to me was the large abundance of trees, but what would a park be without trees? They were perfectly aligned and created the perfect picture frame around the water. It was peaceful despite the highway that you could see to the right of your vision. The whole experience struck me as odd because it was the first time I realized that so often it is the case that nature appears to be an afterthought to human needs. It was not only here that I saw this, but also by the waterfront park by my house. When I was younger the only thing down there was a little playground and now there is a bulkhead and basketball courts. The thing that was enjoyable about the waterfront park was that nature was slowly making its way back on top. The sand was building up over the little wooden fences and the weeds grew wild. It was a positive show of nature’s resilience. Granted the beach was altered in recent years due to Super Storm Sandy, but it is appearing to even bouncing back from that. The waterfront park provided context for what nature can do when left to fight back on its own, as compared to the Buccleuch Park, which represented the typical
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