Native American Art : A Modern Artist Kent Monkman

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The history of European presence on the North American continent is tragic and violent for the indigenous peoples. Though Europeans brought with them horses and materials, such as cotton that were more easier to work with than animal hides, ultimately Euro-Americans took more than they ever gave. Native American art shows some of that battle to retain their identity as people under the marginalization Euro-Americans. That marginalization has happened from the first exposure of Europeans to North America to present day society under the banners of United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. Early in the United States history was an artist, Wohaw who drew a picture titled Between Worlds. He went to a boarding school that tried to cement…show more content…
Wohaw draws himself with color pencils in Between Worlds, standing in traditional garb, a loincloth made of two long strips of cloth that reach his ankles. He wears his hair long and holds out a tomahawk in boths hands holding off a buffalo and a bull. One of his feet stands on a miniaturized house and field while his other foot stands on miniaturized herd of buffalo. On that side of the page there stands a teepee --which is much larger than the house, reaching his to thigh in height. Above his drawn self who faces the bull he has written his name, above which he has drawn a stylized sun. In the left side of picture on the side of the buffalo is the moon and star. The bull and buffalo seem to be blowing at Wohaw and he seems to be holding them off. Though the picture is not drawn with much technical skill the meaning behind it is potent. Caught between cultures of a Plains tribe and the Euro-American dominating society. The picture seems to indicate that he identifies, or is being identified more strongly with his Native American heritage, yet both sides to be actively at odds. There is no indication of peace to be for between the two. Euro-Americans were invasive and made decisions for Native American peoples without their consent, this reflects in Native American art.
Kent Monkman who is descendant from the Cree in contrast to Wohaw is
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