Native American Art History Research Paper

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One of the most commonly founded item in the museum were varies kind of basket. There were basket from 1800-20th century. They all came in different shape and size. One basket were from Chitimacha Native American culture found in Louisiana. These baskets are made from local river cane, which is a variety of bamboo. Chitimacha basket colors are red, black, yellow and the natural color of the cane. Another basket were from Lozi culture found at Zambia. This basket were produce from beautiful Makenge tree root. They were used for storing food or personal items. It even stated that basket weaving basket was a more favorable job for the women.
Additionally, another piece of art that stood out in the Native American art were Human Effigy Bottle …show more content…

I noticed that native used feathers a lot. Many of their equipment were made from nature or animals.
Pre-Columbian art has many artifact, but one huge thing stood out to me. It was the stela. It a huge stone with details from all around. They were at least 10 feet long. One stela (Guatemala, Piedras Negras Maya, AD 758 Limestone) It had a craving of a ruler middle with his servant beneath him. “This monument celebrates the accession/seating of Ruler 5 of Piedras Negras” (Description). It was very detailed. Other minor thing that stood out were textiles, jewelry, mask, stone figure. One can conclude that pre columdian are very know for their stone …show more content…

Learning about art and seeing their pictures in books in one thing. However, being also to seeing art in front of you with your own eyes is a whole another experience. Not one that you can see the more in-depth details but one can also see its true size. With that many questions might come in mind. How it’s made? How long it took? Why it look that way? Unfortunately, I was not able to see all the art due to construction and

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