Native American Colonialism In Rez Life

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For over 200 years every treaty, negotiation, and promise to the Native Americans by the American government has been violated. Native Americans have faced oppression, starvation, cultural backlashing, and were pushed to the very edge of extinction at the hands of colonial settlers. The indigenous culture was viewed as recessive and primitive. Americans considered themselves as the superior race and forcefully assimilated the indigenous people. American society almost succeeded in eradicating indigenous culture through assimilation and genocide, but indigenous people are an extremely proud and resilient people. Despite settler’s society’s effort to decimate the indigenous nations they have survived and are fighting to preserve their culture. European ideology and influence runs ramped and infringes on almost every aspect of daily life. Regardless of the infringement of settler society, indigenous people have battled to create and preserve an autonomous culture. Society has very powerful and arrogant forces. We now live in an era of post-modern colonial manipulation; where power created by settler colonialism is being used to erase Indigenous identities and presences.
In Rez Life by David Treuer creates a picture he gives of Indian reservation life today, a battle of existence for Indian life.” You can tell a lot about America, about its sins and it's ideals, by looking at an behind the signs that advertise our existence, the existence of a kind of American who was supposed

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