Native American Culture

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Native American Culture Native American culture is particularly distinct and different from the European American culture that most people are aware of that live in the United States or elsewhere. Discernible aspects of the Native American cultural group include a modified nursing assessment of a client of this culture, common health problems, biomedical explanations for illnesses, medical or herbal remedies used, religious beliefs and social norms, and traditional foods most common of this cultural group. Having an understanding, and respect to some degree, of the Native Americans and their ways of life, will facilitate a superior health care experience for the client, and promote a therapeutic relationship between the client and the nurse. For assessment of a Native American client, the nurse may use the Giger and Davidhizar’s transcultural assessment model that contains key points that view the client as a more culturally unique individual. The use of quiet, silent communication that values nonverbal rather than verbal communication is of great significance in the Native American culture(nwindian). Native American people tend to value silence during emotional times and also value listening before speaking(nwindian). It is critical for the nurse to realize that this specific culture is sensitive to direct eye contact for long periods of time and to avoid it(nwindian). Native Americans prefer to keep a larger distance, longer than arms length, when communicating and

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