Native Community Life in Invasion by Benjamin Percy and The Barrio by Robert Ramirez

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It does not matter where people come from, where they live, or their race they will always be judged by others causing someone with pride to feel shame. There are many occasions in which people feel desperation because they don't like where they come from. Others judge them because of their origin. Some people do not care what others say, they love their native community and will not leave their living area because they feel they belong there. In “Invasion” by Benjamin Percy he shows his anger towards others that come to his native town in Bend, Oregon because he feels some sort of invasion causing his town to become transformed by others. In “The Barrio” by Robert Ramirez he describes his barrio colorful meaning every house has it's own …show more content…

Percy got off at a coffee shop and there was a white-boy in front of him which had a description Percy hated. When the White-boy ordered he asked the cashier for a bubble tea to which Percy asked himself what the hell was that. The cashier responded that they had run out of bubbles therefore the teen left without ordering anything and made a bad gesture. As Percy drove around he saw the white-boy crossing and felt like stepping on the accelerator and running him over but as he thought about it he realized something that made him feel depressed. Percy now knew that this was not his town anymore but the white-boys which made him feel as if he were invading what was his town once. “ I thought about slamming my boot on the accelerator, splattering him beneath my tires. Then I realized that this was no longer my town, but his.” When you grow up in a place that is not a perfect environment, you learn to adopt to the lifestyle in that place and most of the time you end up liking where you come from. In “The Barrio” Ramirez learns to live in his environment and he likes it a lot because all the people who live in the barrio are all caring and united. Ramirez starts by talking about the barrio in a good way then moves on to say the bad things because he perhaps wanted to give a good impression and if he would have started talking about the bad things people would not want to keep hearing or

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