Natural Disasters And Uncontrolled Water Distribution

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Water. It makes up 75% of our Earth, and is the determining factor of our lives. Without it, we would be lost. Recently, our world has faced droughts, natural disasters and uncontrolled water distribution. With these major changes come major problems. Government control and water shortages are just a few of the major issues that come with these droughts. That is why we must make water rights as equal as human rights. If water was taken as seriously as human rights are than we would avoid some other issues later in life. American government should adopt water rights as a human right to ensure the safety and well-being of both the Earth and ourselves.
Water was created before any human first set foot on this water logged planet. It is a …show more content…

Once it 's gone, it 's gone. And so are we.
So why should we introduce water rights to the United States? Because "water is the issue of the 2000 's"(Hardberger). Never has water been a bigger issue than it is today. With the recent droughts that have taken over the state of California and other states as well, America needs to find a way to ensure that everyone gets the water they need to survive. Not only that, but we need to make sure that water is used in other important areas such as keeping our soil from becoming contaminated from the lack of water or being able to allow our trees to thrive. Basically we need national help. With all of this in mind, some may feel that water rights would endanger and constrict our right to water. They may feel that water rights would create conflict in the environment. This is where they are wrong. They are wrong because if we do not propose a solution now, there will be bigger consequences than just government control. For instance, lack of water and low water supply can reduce school attendance and damage a family’s ability to make a living off from keeping livestock, farming or other water-dependent (Hardberger). The use of water is taken for granted. Many don’t realize that if a student doesn’t have enough water to drink they can become ill or feel unfocused in school, causing them to drop out. Farms, which supply us with the food that run our bodies, will be unable to produce

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