Natural Philosophy in Islam

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This is the awakening of a new era in natural philosophy supported in the Islamic empire that affects social structures, cultures and attitude towards learning. One may ask, how do the features of my society explain its achievements in natural philosophy? And, how did Al-Kindi and Averroes change the course of history in natural philosophy? While it seems like the days of enlightenment in natural philosophy have slowed as a result of upheaval in kingdoms because of warfare and economic collapses in Europe and the Middle-East. However, circumstances are less severe in Islamic empire that now stretches from North Africa and Spain to India. In the discussion of natural philosophy credit goes to the influential works of Aristotle and Plato,…show more content…
174) says, “Mathematics became essential for a wide variety of commercial, legal, and governmental purposes. One of the great discoveries in mathematics is “the creations of ‘0’ a number that had never existed before instead “0” meant absence of numbers.” (Lecture notes, January 10). The Islamic scholars’ contribution to natural philosophy is unique because It is said by (Lindberg, p. 165) that “this is the story of transmission of learning.” Forecast of the current Islamic educational structure shows little advancements in the future. The attitude of Islamic empire towards learning can be described as careless because lack of advancements (Lindberg, p. 175) says, “Islamic education did nothing to prohibit the foreign sciences; but neither did it do much to support them”. However, we see a different side in Europe because they have slowly begun to recover and rebuild societies. The teaching of Islamic translations and expansion of Greek natural philosophies and other Islamic discoveries are now being taught in European universities. It is safe to say Islamic contribution to natural philosophy has changed the course of history and humanity can embark on a new journey of natural philosophy and advance into the
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