Natural Wonderss On Natural Wonders In The Medieval Century

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Wonders during the medieval era played a vast or minuscule role in engineering. Although people during this time sought to learn and implemented the wonders found by travel writers others were not so open to this new idea. Which also means that the definition of wonder differed for the courts and the monasteries. Travel writers such as Marco Polo who reported “Kublai Khan's famous levitating cups” helped raise the discipline of engineering by helping others built artificial wonders with this information (93). But also during this time with this new information a new distinction between artisanship and engineering was brought up.Overall medieval topographical and travel literature on natural wonders shaped and raised the discipline of engineering by giving definition and growth to many European courts.
During the medieval era, courts were influenced by romance literature to further improve their military. The romances of Eneas and the Roman of de Troie described the wonders of art and ancient courtly engineering. For example in Eneas, Carthage was depicted with walls “made of marble and adamant painted a hundred colors and topped with three rows of magnets to incapacitate armed attackers” (89). The three rows of magnets, one of the many wonders described by travel writer during this time, was used as a military tactic to disable armed attackers from proceeding with their attack. In the tombs of Camilia, a similar tactic was used with magnets moreover a magic mirror was

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