Naturalistic Observation on Cara Essay

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Naturalistic Observation Before interviewing Cara, since she is under 18, I made sure to first ask her parents consent if it would be okay that I can get Cara’s help by allowing me to use her for my life span developmental course. After they agreed, I also went to ask Cara who confirmed it was okay and that she would help me with whatever I needed to do. After I told them that the information would be private and I were to change her name she agreed that I may come and observe her when she comes home from school.

Cara Gordon is a fourteen-year old high school student. I first arrived at Cara’s house at around 5:00 pm when she finished school for the day. She was in her room doing her homework while multitasking and watching Television …show more content…

She starts to speak to Cara and tells her that she needs to go into the kitchen and help her set the table for dinner. Cara without any words gets up and follows what her mom told her. She goes to get all the silverware from the cabinets. Cara’s mother calls down her older sister and younger brother to come and help her. Her brother refused to come because he was playing a game on his computer, but her sister came down. Both Cara and her sister Ashley started setting the table together. There mother than left the room. Ashley and Cara were in complete silence for around 6 minutes. When they were done setting the table they both went back upstairs to their room.
Interacting with Cara: I asked Cara if we were to be able to spend time on a Sunday to hang out. Cara agreed knowing it was for the class of course. On Sunday, I went over to her house. She said she wanted to go for a run. She said it is good for her diet. That was no problem for me because I love running and so does she. We went on a four-mile run. After words we went out to eat together at her favorite dairy restaurant. We just sat and spoke, and I was able to get to know her a little better. That is when I decided would be a good time to have the interview. After the interview, we decided to go back to her house for a little bit. She asked if we can play Ping Pong in her basement. I agreed, so she led me downstairs. “I am really good at this game” Cara told me. I responded, “Okay, lets see who

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