Nature And Environmental Factors That Influence Criminal Behavior

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Crime is hardly ever one dimensional. Many theories exist to explain causes of crime and those who commit said acts. It appears that two major factors driving criminal behavior are genetics and environmental. This argument stems from a nature versus nature approach. A natural approach would suggest that individuals have predispositions to crime due to some genetic factors whereas a nurture approach suggests that environmental factors cause individuals to engage in delinquent or criminal behavior. Although research exists to support both claims, further research lends itself to the idea that crime stems from environmental factors rather than genetics. When considering the study about twins and criminal behavior, it noted that one of the best predictors of anti-social behavior as it relates to crime was the criminal arrest records of the fathers (Mednick, Brennan, Kandel, 1988). Equally important, these findings cannot be conclusive as a genetic influence because the father plays a key role in the child’s life on a social level (Mednick, Brennan, Kandel, 1988). In other words, many factors must account for a child’s upbringing. Uniquely, the purpose of the twin’s study was to assess twins who were identical to twins who were not identical to determine how genetic factors fit into criminal behavior. Additionally, some have argued the legitimacy of the study surrounding genetics due to twins growing up in the same environment. For example, one would have to assume that if twins

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