Nature Homicidal Rage Analysis

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Nature verses Nurture Homicidal Rage
In the novel YOU, a young man named Joe is infatuated with a beautiful girl named Beck. Beck becomes an object of obsession to Joe and nothing more. Joe meticulously stalks and learns every aspect about the love of his life without her ever knowing. He sets his sights on his targets, strikes quick and hard. What drove Joe to become a creepy stalker that preyed on a young beautiful girl? Was Joe hardwired from birth to be a man with uncontrollable obsessions, did Joe learn these behaviors, or did Joe develop this characteristic due to a lack of a role model in his early childhood?
Stalking is a behavior that is depicted in literature or movies as an easily identifiable action and is widely conducted by a stranger. According to an article, A Pattern of Violence: Analyzing the Relationship Between Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking, it states; “In referring to the literature for estimates of severe violence rates, there may be an underestimation because of the chance that, when investigated, the violence may not have been connected with previous stalking behavior, and therefore not labeled as a stalking case (Rosenfeld, 2004). Law enforcement classifies many stalking cases as incidences of crimes such as harassment and trespassing (Jordan, Logan, Walker, & Nigoff, 2003). Moreover, stalking behaviors are frequently dismissed, especially when the victim knows the perpetrator (Davis & Chipman, 2001), and stalking is especially hard

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