Nature/Nurture Debate

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Are criminals made or born?
The battle between nature and nurture has been everlasting, a constant debate about what exactly causes criminal behaviour. Psychologists have identified important information and have created assumptions as to why individuals commit crimes. The two most significant clarifications lie in genetic and environmental aspects, which conveys to the nature and nurture controversy. Some believe that criminals are born, these are philosophers who argue that genetics play an important part in how a person behaves. Some believe criminals are made and influenced by society, these are philosophers who argue that it is the environment in which the person is in, such as a person's interaction with society that structures the behaviour
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John Locke takes an interesting approach to this as he focused on “..when children are born, stating there are no emotions in the child, but, personality is altered by pure experience” (Herrnstein 6). This is saying that the child’s environment from when they are born, is what is going to mold them into who they become as an adult. Every person has a different temperament, meaning two siblings could go through the same abuse but, each will deal with it differently and go a separate life path. Children who witness several amounts of crime at a very young age, could become more vulnerable to the same behavior. Albert Bandura’s theory states that when a child watches other people, they learn from them and will act as if they were that person. Travis Hirschi states, it is possible as an adult to have certain life triggers, such as losing a job that can cause the individual to act in a way they normally would not especially if they have a criminally connected gene (Herrstein 7). Birth order has much with the child’s behavior and how they act after adolescent years. Middle Child Syndrome exists where there is middle child who feels they were born too late or too soon, and should not exist at all. This usually causes loads of conflict within the household and studies have shown that the middle child is more prone to engaging in…show more content…
A person can be prone to more aggressive behaviour because of the genes passed down to them through family. But, a person can also be prone to aggressive behaviour because, of the environment in which they are in. There is not one thing that causes someone to be criminally minded, instead several little aspects affecting the person and how exactly they are dealing with it, health wise and socially. If the society we lived in today worked as one and not against one another, the world we live in would not be so unjust or bad. There should not be such a controversy known as “nature versus nurture” but instead, nature and
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