Nature Vs Frankenstein

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There is a lot of confusion in versions of Frankenstein over whether that is the name of the man who created the undead monster or if Frankenstein is the name of the creation itself. Of course when reading the book it becomes more clear that Frankenstein is the last name of Victor, the young man who uses science to conquer death while the creature was never given a name to begin with. Yet even with that knowledge it is easy to understand why it’s so hard to tell the two apart. Both have an intense connection to the natural environment and want to have a family. At the same time they respond to unfavorable situations that they are confronted with antithetically and people react to these two characters in different ways.
As is characteristic of romantic novels, the main characters in Frankenstein have a sublime connection to the natural environment around them. Victor, for instance, sees great beauty in the mountains that surround his childhood home and the creation also reveres nature as his home when he lives in the forest. “The immense mountains and precipices that overhung me on every side, the sound of the river raging among the rocks, and the dashing of waterfalls around, spoke of a mighty Omnipotence-” (Shelley, pg. 90). The creature also seems to have some respect for other lifeforms in the forest because he does not feed off of animals. At the same time though, Frankenstein and his creation seem to be against nature despite their feelings of personal connection to it.

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