Relationship Between Man And Nature In Frankenstein

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Relationship Between Man and Nature in Frankenstein
In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, man tries to tamper with nature. This is an enormous mistake, because his experiences prove that man should respect the omnipotent power of nature so man can be happy. Man should respect nature because if man goes beyond his limits, then nature lets man creates all types of consequences for himself which proves Shelley’s point to respect nature’s powers.When people look at nature, they are automatically healed just by its looks. This is a much more powerful force than anything man is capable of doing, thus nature is all powerful. Nature is constant, unlike man who is constantly changing, which shows that nature is always in control.
Nature will punish man until the he fixes the mess he has made. Victor Frankenstein wants to fulfill his quest of creating life. He wants “a new species to bless [him] as its creator and source” (Shelley 40). This is testing nature’s limits, because humans are not supposed to be able to create life, this is God’s job. As a punishment for creating life, which man is not supposed to do, nature makes Victor’s experience creating the monster horrific. For the two years he spent making his monster he “was oppressed by a slow fever, and [he] became nervous to a painful degree” (42). Nature is trying to make Victor stop creating life by making him suffer in the process, but he pushes through it. Finally, Victor finishes his beloved creation that he “selected

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