Nature Vs. Nurture Or Cause Of Violence?

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Some questions that I am sure has passed through everyone’s mind at least once is why are people violent? Why do people murder or hurt other people? The answers to these questions are not easily answered. It is clear that not everyone is violent, and perhaps some are only violent under certain circumstances. Which then leads us to addition questions on whether we all have the capacity to be violent. Are we all naturally violent creatures with those violent tendencies buried deep beneath the surface just waiting for something to set us off? Even so, where do these come from? Perhaps it is learned behavior from our society through the media, movies, and music we are constantly surrounded by. Or do we have our genetics to blame? Though we may never find complete concrete answers to the above questions, nature, and nurture, or our biology and our society in which we live, surely provide evidence as to the cause of why we are violent as humans. I see them both being equally important in playing a role in why …show more content…

Nurture has good points of both sides when it comes to deciding whether something is influenced by our biology or by our experiences within our society. Both present ideas when it comes to violence, offer a chance to look at the historical impact violence has had on our species. In Adriane Raines, “Basic Instinct”, he talks about evolutionary biology and the selfish gene that is aimed at gaining the resources to survive, reproduce and care for our offspring. His idea of “fitness” as a means of passing down genetic material is the driving force of all behavior. This behavior being passed down from generation to generation is what is keeping the driving force alive. In agreement with, this I believe that the ultimate goal as a human is to survive and at any cost. This idea makes you wonder the ultimate goal of life, we are here to reproduce, survive while doing it and keeping out offspring safe so they can do the

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