Essay on Nature in mary Oliver´s First Snow

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Many overlook the beauty that is expressed by nature. The images put together in nature influenced Mary Oliver’s “First Snow.” The beauty expressed in “First Snow” shows how there is hidden beauty in nature such as snow. Also how snow, not so simple, is something so stunning and breath taking. The descriptions of Oliver’s visions show that many things are overlooked in nature and shouldn’t be. She elaborates to show that nature sets forth not just snow, but something so much more. Mary Oliver uses many examples and proofs to show the beauty. In “First Snow” Mary Oliver conveys the image of snow to embody the beauty of nature. Mary Oliver uses the vivid descriptions to show how she saw the first snow. Oliver accounts for every scene of the …show more content…

She shows that the snow amazes her. She found the beauty of nature through surprise. Her statements such as “[snow] an oracular fever flowing/ past windows, an energy it seemed/ would never ebb, never settle/ less the lovely” (Oliver 645, 9-12). That statement shows that if the snow wouldn’t end, she wouldn’t mind it. Her reaction would not lessen. It shows that snow shouldn’t be taken for granted, and should be seen as if it were for the first time. In other words snow should never lose its beauty. Mary Oliver shows that snow is much more than crystallized water. When Oliver talks about the snow she uses precise words such as smolder, the word is usually used to describe the exact opposite of what snow is, fire. The snow is given a whole other view. A view that has not often been seen. Oliver creates questions “and though the questions/ that have assailed us all day/ remain - not a single/ answer has been found” (Oliver 645, 23-31). She wonders why the snow has come, but is content with the final product, the beauty of the snow. The complexity of the snow creates a new, never before seen image, resulting in the beauty that is overlooked. Using feelings and words, Oliver expresses her complex thought of the snow. She used “an oracular fever” (Oliver 645, 9). The quote specifies that the felt the snow had hidden qualities. Slaymaker 3 In “First Snow”, Mary Oliver uses the persona of snow to project the beauty found in nature. The poem discusses how snow

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