Nature vs Nurture - Depression

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For years there has been an ongoing debate of nature versus nurture. Nature refers to genetics, inheritance and genes, and nurture refers to characteristics shaped by one’s environmental influences. For the purpose of this paper, the development of depression will be researched in terms of the nature versus nurture debate. Studies show that while some people are genetically predisposed to mood disorders, many people develop them through environmental factors. However, a different study looked at the relationship and interaction of nature and nurture. Therefore, the development of depression can not be pinpointed to one just one specific cause; it can be developed through genetics, environmental influences, or a mixture of both. Mood …show more content…

(Fagnani, 2011) Some researchers believe that a difficult childhood can play a role in an early onset of depression. One theory suggests that children who go through a hard time while growing up have a more difficult time adjusting to changes in their. (Clouthier, 2007) Another theory is that these children may not have the proper emotional development, making them vulnerable to becoming depressed. Environmental factors often play a

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