Nazi Experiments During The Holocaust

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Can you comprehend what the Nazis did to all the people in the concentration camps? The Holocaust was a huge event where the Nazi’s would take the Jews and put them in a camp where they couldn't get out. They would put them through horrible experiments and when the Holocaust was over they wouldn't confess and turn themselves like they were ashamed. The doctors were crazy and would have had no conscience because they were killing innocent people without care the doctors of the holocaust were outrageous.
There were a whole lot of experiments there was Dr. Brandt Hitler's personal physician he would do experiments on the disabled and twins like Dr. Mengele also known as the angel of death. Another doctor would cut them and then rub wood or metal …show more content…

The doctors would cut off limbs and see if the Jew’s could handle what happened to their body. Josef mengele would do the experiments to twins along with many other doctors they were trying to see how twin were made so they could increase the prefect race faster. Even though these were crude experiments they help german know a whole lot more about the human body and what it can handle and what it can't and the almost found out to make twins but they never did.
After the holocaust there 12 trails but there were many doctors who ran away to a different place. Dr. Heim fled to egypt to find from what the deserved. He changed to islam and changed his name so no one would know what he did and tell the ploice he lived in egypt until he died from cancer and his son admitted to meeting with him and his dad telling him there were more of them hiding in egypt they were never found only Dr. Heim was know about.
The experiments were crude and not necessary but they did them anyway and they could have done that any time. It could happen again just not to that extent. There will always be prejudice and discrimination that won't ever go away it will always be there. The countries around the world won't let it happen to that extent not again at

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