Nazi Germany: Rights and Responsibilities of a Superior Race Essay

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“The deepest sense of social responsibility for the creation of better foundations for our development, coupled with brutal determination in breaking down incurable tumors.”
-Adolf Hitler

Nazi Germany: Rights and Responsibilities of a “Superior” Race

The Holocaust, carried out by the leader of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler, from 1933-1945 in various European countries resulted in the extermination of minority groups deemed inferior by the Nazis, other groups being displaced, taken from their families, removed from their homes, and leaving to start a new life. Hitler’s actions were unknown before this time, and did not involve just the German states, but instead brought in countries from across the globe, and caused many …show more content…

During his rule he perfected the use of propaganda in order to convince the people under his control that what was going on was right. He used his impressive speaking skills to convince people to conform to his new ideas, and he created new traditions such as the phrase “Heil Hitler” as his standard greeting. For Germany, Hitler seemed like a savior. Hitler used Germany’s deprivation for a strong leader to aid him in coming to power. He gave the German population a leader to look up to. During his reign, he used his power to make the desperate Germans believe the Jews caused most of these problems they were experiencing during this time. Due to their blind devotion to their chancellor, they were willing to accept this new idea wholeheartedly, and without question. This assisted Hitler in beginning to carry out his “Euthanasia Program”, a euphemism for the “Final Solution”, the extermination of the Jews, more formally known as the Holocaust.

The real events of the Holocaust started with an event called Reichskristallnacht, which roughly translates to “Reich’s Crystal Night,” but is better known as “The Night of Broken Glass.” (Benz, 31) On this night, a German officer by the name of Ernst vom Rath was shot dead by a young Jewish boy, for reasons unknown. This began a spread of anti-Semitism around the world, and the Nazi party used this to their advantage. They coordinated an attack on Jewish shops across Germany, and broke in and stole their goods.

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