Needy Nitrogen History

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Here is a story about rules and standards set so high by elements these days. The hardest standard for a compound to meet is the Octet rule. [6] Single atoms can only wish to live up to the rule. Only a select few can meet this rule when created, The Noble Gases. The Noble Gases are born full of life and beauty. The only Noble Gas that lives around this town is Natural Neon. Everyone around town wishes they were him.[1] A new fellow around town is Needy Nitrogen. He was musician, so he joined a community band. Some of his new friends includes: Happy Hydrogen, Lite Lithium, and coping Carbon. All of the friends and Needy Nitrogen have fallen short of Octet rule. It can be show by a quick description of each ones Electron dot notation. Each atom …show more content…

Within each one of the songs, the solos or leads created a bond to bond. Each molecular formula was different and causes different experience for the electrons. Some polar covalent, some nonpolar covalent, and some ionic, but together they all competed for popularity with Natural Neon. They all either shared or transfer to trump Natural neon. Each element had a quick thing to say. Natural neon told us that he was not at all sad about being kicked off his Octet rule podium. He was glad to see everyone becoming stable. Needy Nitrogen and Coping Carbon were very pleased to become bonded. They could be held together by a couple of intermolecular forces, Dipole-Dipole, Hydrogen bonding, or London dispersion. They were glad they were living a molecular compound life. Happy Hydrogen and his backup guitar player, Lite Lithium was so excited about their song. On Performance day, Lite Lithium lost his guitar pick, so Happy hydrogen transferred him his. But he was still upset because it could not get its Lewis Dot Structure. This song was still great because it was an ionic compound. Last, Lite lithium would like to show his heat of vaporization and Thermal Conductivity. He was a one act show with the help of himself. The moral of the story is that just because there are standard set that are unreachable by yourself, does not mean they are reachable with the help of your friends and Chemical

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