Personal Understanding of Hydrogen Fuel Cells Being the Future to Generating Electricity

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Every element is valuable and unique due to the endless arrangements of sub-atomic particles, which fascinates me. This allows for a diversity of elemental properties, sparking innovation for chemists to develop new products from different tasting chocolates to materials used for rockets- shaping society and the environment of the modern world. The sheer range of applications where chemistry is involved inspires me to contribute, while learning, unlocking why everything behaves the way it does.
With the hydrogen fusion project in construction and the recent use of hydraulic fracturing which has caused environmental and social dispute, I chose to undertake the extended project qualification related to this, energy, as chemistry leads these …show more content…

Having read Phillip Balls ‘the elements’, Bill Brysons philosophical book ‘short introduction on nearly everything’ and a regular reader of chemistry review; I have encountered various topics and experiments that I would like to know more about, for example colloidal gold, the properties of this suspended gold, how this happens and its applications.
Outside my academic ability I am passionate about music, playing the bass guitar and guitar. I have performed at school concerts presenting my creativity to large audiences. I have participated in sport days for high jump, cross country and 800m runs obtaining podium positions using hard work. I captain a 5 man team in the prestigious berry hall league (5 a side football) at school and we attempt to finish the season on top; I took the credit of being “the best signing of the season” last year. With the family or solo, I have travelled across Europe, Asia and America developing tastes for new food, understanding new cultures and apprehending to new environments. As the whole world is involved in Chemistry, my travel experiences will prove vital in working or studying, involving Chemistry, abroad.
I have been employed, working as a co-secretary for a landscape architecture company. Dealing with memorandums, company’s purchase report and mainly helping with IT. From this, I obtained crucial communicational and presentational skills

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