Negative Aspects Of Globalization In Developing Countries

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Globalisation is a worldwide movement which integrates economic, financial, trade and commerce from different countries. It has influenced communication between countries and brought them together. It made countries more interdependent and interconnected with free transfer of goods and services across national frontiers.
Globalisation can have lots of benefits on western societies such as implies the opening of the local to a broader outlook ( Globalisation also involves culture spread, and the process of globalisation happens through the media, consumer goods and western consumer lifestyle (ThoughtCo.2017). These lead to a fashion sold for western societies by giant retailers who can update inventory and make transnational trade deals ( The opening market and culture diffusion also make people who consuming is actually more focus on the corporate brand or logo such as Nike, Victoria’s Secret and Adidas than the clothing itself.
Globalisation has been one of the most hotly debated topics in international economics (, 2017). Rapid growth and poverty reduction has been a positive aspect of globalisation on developing countries like China and Africa. Increasing globalisation has helped the expansion of opportunities for nations and benefits workers inrich. Globalisation is a process of opening up economics so that trade between countries could take place freely (Digit Pro.2017). The negative aspect of globalisation

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