Negative Body Image Essay

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A girl walks into the locker room. All around her, her friends and peers are changing for PE. They laugh as they pinch their stomachs and examine themselves in the mirror, saying phrases such as “When did I get so fat?” “ How are you so skinny?” “I really need to stop eating so much”, and so on. The girl has never really thought about her body in these ways; she has felt neutral about it until now. She looks down, cautiously grabbing at her stomach in the same way that the other girls are. Later, when she goes on social media, she begins noticing how flawless celebrities are and how perfect their bodies seem in comparison to hers. Her mind begins swirling with thoughts.

Body image, eating disorders, and their effects plague America …show more content…

This shows that the connection between social media and eating disorders is something that needs more research done on, and is but one facet of this monumental problem.

Furthermore, the way women are sometimes portrayed in the media is devastating. In fact, “sexually objectified images of girls and women in advertisements are most likely to appear in men’s magazines. Yet the second most common source of such images is the advertisements in teen magazines directed at adolescent girls” (NEDA). These images and videos can often significantly lower a girl’s self-esteem, causing her to turn to eating disorders to try to reach the almost unattainable beauty standards of America. This especially affects teens today, and one can see themselves and their friends be affected by celebrities’ pictures posted on social media. A negative body image and eating disorders can stem from the media, and this is a difficult platform to fight against.

Some may say that the media is not a major, or even contestable cause for eating disorders. They make the argument that although “ in many ways, the media can make it tough for someone with an eating disorder to recover with all its talk of counting calories, pin-thin ideals and focus on

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