Essay Negative Body Image Leads to Eating disorders

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Eating disorders “Many kids — particularly adolescents — are concerned about how they look and can feel self-conscious about their bodies.” Eating disorders have the power to affect everyday life. Not only in just teens but all ages. They are able to cause extreme weight changes. As well as, it could affect your health for the rest of your life. (Source 1) By having an eating disorder everything becomes based off of that, if it isn’t helped or stopped it could become serious and damage your health permanently. Information: Someone who has difficulties with any type of eating disorder have negative body imagines. Therefore this person begins to do things that mess with regular body functions and their life. Even though it seems as if eating…show more content…
Anorexia and Bulimia could possibly cause kidney failure, heart problems, dehydration, and severe malnutrition. (Source 1) Some people that have a body image that is negative often develop an eating disorder. As well as, are more likely to fall into depression. Along with the depression can come anxiety. (Source 3) It is statistically proven that eating disorders have a huge impact on health, and is the deadliest mental illness. (Source 2) Eating disorders can cause teeth decay, diabetes, low blood pressure, swelling, and possible death. (Source 4) The eating disorders are physical and emotional problems for men and women and can be life threatening. They include behaviors surrounding weight and food, extreme emotions, and attitudes. Self-esteem is a factor for all eating disorders. (Source 5) Examples: With most of the people struggling with eating disorders being teenage girls, there is one example that could change a life. This sweet girl named Elizabeth Willis. It all started when she was in sixth grade, she had anorexia. She spent two weeks in the hospital because of this monster as she called it. She was determined to get over it. She wanted to be a good example for her 5 siblings. She stated that she wasn't going to the one to tear the family apart. She wanted to fight, she wanted to win. She knew she could overcome this. She wasn't alone. Therefore she fought it; she had complete hope and
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