Negative Effects Of Cosmetic Surgery

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It seems that beauty and acceptance is what leads to happy productive lives and many people are ruining themselves choosing cosmetic surgery. People today aren’t satisfied with their physical appearance whether it be wanting a bigger butt or smaller waist, we take the easy way out choosing plastic surgery. We live in a culture where people are valued because of their physical looks forcing low self-confidence on individuals in society. Many suffer from body dysmorphic disorder and the number keeps growing. If someone doesn’t like the way they look, there are many ways to change their appearance but with every way comes a risk. People who deal with post surgery body arrangements are almost always affected financially, psychologically, emotionally and sometimes even physically.
What many don’t take into consider is the cosmetic surgery goes deeper than your pocket. An article on Huffington Post states, “According to the American Academy of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Americans spent over $7 billion last year in surgical procedures alone” (Shah, 2014). Cosmetic surgery is like a drug that can be highly addictive. People are so obsessed with imitating an appearance that they go to an extraordinary amount of procedures. Besides the fact that surgerys are super expensive and very addictive the business is very risky. Countless numbers of people are going under the knife without researching and understanding the untold interference or complication caused by pre-existing

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