Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

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What are the Negative Effects of Divorce on Children
When I was five years old I was forced to make a choice. This was a choice many children should not have to make and can never really be prepared for. My parents were getting a divorce and they decided it was in my best interests to give me the option to live with whomever I chose. It was a burden that to this day affects my relationship with one of my parents. Ultimately, I chose to live with my mother and from then on, my father would barely be a part of my life. I often wonder would I have been better off in life had my parents decided to stay together and not divorce each other. This lead me to find out whether there are negative effects of divorce on children. I first started …show more content…

At first glance, this made a lot of sense to me. Unfortunately, this argument assumes that if the parents were still married they would be arguing all the time. If they were still married wouldn’t they have found a way to resolve their differences or arguments? Or at the very least the parents would have been able to communicate effectively enough with each other to accomplish resolution. I decided to dismiss the positive effects arguments because I of the lack of evidential support. Now I am back to focusing on the negative effects. Children often blame or feel hate toward the parent that left, which is usually the father (Arreola et al., n.d.). I tend to agree with this argument wholeheartedly, because these feelings were experienced by myself. I am not sure the paper did an adequate job supporting this argument; it simply stated this and did not give any evidence to support it. However, through personal experiences of mine, it gave it credence. The next negative effect was that children of parents who divorced often experienced commitment issues, problems developing and tended to lead solitary lifestyles (Arreola et al., n.d.). This argument again lacking any support could be considered weak. This paper at this point, seemed to be throwing statements around without a lot of evidence to support them. The statement is convincing and even believable but hard to completely be on board with it without something to back it up. After I finished

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