Short-Term Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Did you know that in America, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds? Many children and parents grieve the loss over the kind of family they wished they had after going through a divorce. Divorce is as hard on children as it is on parents. It is the parent’s job to learn how to emotionally support their child and make their child understand the situation. They need to make sure that both parents are there when they are going through this time and to make it clear that they both love their children no matter what. Furthermore, both parents must learn how to co parent with each other to make it easier for their children. Having your parents live in different homes, and not being able to see one as often as the other can be hard for…show more content…
Divorce affects all the chil­dren in the family at some time whether it affects them a lot or a little. Some effects of divorce form right after the sepa­ration and some effects form over the first few years following the divorce and then go back down. There are many factors that lead to negative effects on children. For example, children tend to feel like they have more responsibilities and feel less cared for. Another factor is that the non-custodial parent, which is usually the father, tends to drift from his children over the years following a divorce, both physically and emotionally. A loving and caring father-child relationship is very important for children and for the way they act in the future. Without a close and caring relationship with their father, chil­dren may experience emotional issues and can even cause confu­sion. The gender of the custodial parent may also play a part in determining the impact of divorce on children. There is some evidence that children tend to show more problems if they are in the custody of a parent of the oppo­site gender than a parent of the same gender. It is also proven that the greater the problems between the parents after divorce, the greater the number of problems the children will…show more content…
Sexual orientation is one major risk factor. Boys are more at danger than girls are, mostly be­cause moms are granted authority more regularly than fathers are. It is hard that the same-sexual orientation parent, the father, is no more living in the home. Because the male or “father figure” is not present, makes it a lot harder for young men to change after the separation. Age is another very important risk factor during separation. Younger kids are at danger lasting for a longer time because of their inability to understand the separation and the loss of the guardian no more living in the home. Younger kids are less ready to comprehend all the changes that are happening. Preadolescent and pre-adult kids are more at danger over the long run, where it may be harder for them to create their own relationships in the future based on what they experienced. Lastly, financial status is an important risk factor. Standard of living and the normal lifestyle people may have had before the divorce is often seen to change significantly. Less money can mean a portion of the child's needs may not be met which can also cause a lot of problems for the family. When going through divorce, it it clear that there are many factors that can effect something or someone
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