Negative Effects Of Identity Theft

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Identity theft In today’s social environment, internet become to the most important tools for the most people living in this world. People can do everything by using the internet; here are some very common example: people can buy anything we need from the internet with their credit card, and they can use their social software to connect with others. It seems the internet bring so many convenience to us, however, it will also bring some negative effect, such as the “identity theft”. Most of the people who always use internet or computer must heard the word “identify theft”. The definition of “identify theft” is someone else steal your personal information, like the information about your credit, your …show more content…

Just like the statement from website “identity theft”: “Methods of identity theft evolve rapidly as new mediums (such as social media) develop quickly, so it is almost impossible to completely prevent identity theft, however it is possible to reduce the likelihood of being a target by taking certain precautions.” (Identity theft)Here are some ideas that can prevent yourself away from the identity thief The first method is to install an anti-virus and similar software on your personal computer and laptop, such as anti-phishing software, because most of those software could provide the function to help you check if there any threaten to your computer. Furthermore, if you are using the smart phone or some other tablet PC, you also can install or activation the security app. The second method is trying to use a difficult passcode when you create for an important personal account, such as the password for your debit card or the password of your social media account. Sometimes the passcode contain some special symbol such as “underline”, “asterisk” is harder for others to decipher. In case some website may not allow you to create a passcode with symbol, it is better not use your or your family member’s birthday as the passcode. The third method is do not input your personal information when you are using the public network. Because

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