Negative Effects Of Marijuana

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What is marijuana? What is it made of? Why is cannabis still illegal in certain states? Why does marijuana have so many names? Where do the names come from? What is the marijuana culture and how do they celebrate? How is marijuana beneficial? All these questions roaming through people’s mind. Cannabis is a green mixture of the dried, shredded leaves and flowers of Cannabis sativa. People usually smoke marijuana in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints or cigars called blunts, or in a pipe, or an edible. Although many people are against marijuana it has many beneficial effects in many areas such as diseases and education.
Cannabis has its own culture. The culture of marijuana is on April 20th it first started in 1920 with a group of …show more content…

This relates to my restriction by explaining the many festivities that happen on April 20th. They gather up at a public place at 4:20pm. Although marijuana is still mostly illegal, these people still gather around to protest and celebrate the culture. (The Waldos. Marijuana Culture. ©2016)
Marijuana has many names. The names all come from the culture revolving around it, there is a special date dedicated to marijuana which April 20th. The names “marijuana, cannabis, gang, weed, pot and 420” (Marijuana Names. 4, May 2017.) are all examples that of names that the marijuana culture uses and it is a smart way to get through authority. This relates to my restriction by explaining the many names of marijuana and the culture it comes from. Briefly,marijuana has many different names that has to involve its culture.
The many names of marijuana come from many different places. The forms of marijuana and the country it come from explains it. According to the article Cannabis, Marijuana, Ganja, Weed – Where Did These Names Come From? The quote “ The name itself, “marijuana” comes from Mexican Spanish and that's how it became the name for the Western name for the plant. The name “cannabis” according to the article “Weed Names” it was named around 440 BC in Ancient Greek used for medical properties. “Ganga” comes from Indian people who named it after their blessed Ganja. The other two “Weed” and “Pot”

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