Negative Effects Of Sexism In Movies

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In movies, games, and television each character has a role or purpose to play. There’s the main protagonist, antagonist, side characters, what makes the story whole. But how are these characters portrayed? The women are shown as the damsel in distress, the helpless type, usually dumb and unable to take care of themselves. Waiting to be rescued by knight in shining armor, a hero. Not many lead roles are played by women. This is also a dilemma that affects men as well. In many cases men are the leader, strongly built, and sometimes even dumb, like the jock in most cases. This type of idea tries to put both genders into what their characteristics should be, which is known as sexism. Most of the time its unseen, accepted as the normal, but what many don’t see is the unbelievable standards it tries to place on individuals. Discrimination due to sexism is found in both genders, and negatively affects how they are viewed and understood by the public eye. The influence that sexism has on how women are portrayed in society creates an idea that women must behave and look a certain way. For an example, Disney movies portrays unreachable body images by animating princesses with big eyes, small hands, and a very tight hourglass figure. So already at a young age, young girls are being introduced to these standards. Its introducing the idea that if the body they are given does not match with what is seen on tv, they need to change because they do not fit in. In the movie The Little

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