Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Sarah Loveland
Dr. Steel
26 November 2017
This is an opinion article presenting the negative effects that social media has on society, to be published by Buzzfeed co, Buzzfeed co caters to a demographic that is predominantly educated females with left leaning political views, who are frequent social media users.

Social Media: the Bad, the Ugly and the …
Social Media is a subject that has captivated the public since its dawn but, now in 2017 with the prominence of internet trolling, fake news, and sex trafficking recruit the world is left wondering, is social media causing more good than harm? I believe that in light of the current state of social media, that there needs to be lawful …show more content…

16, 2017. In 2017 alone President Donald Trump has used the phrase “fake news” on “on 153 separate occasions” (PolitiFact, par. 20). Fake news is a subject America cannot seem to escape in 2017. Time and time again Donald Trump has used the term to explain “ coverage that is unsympathetic to his administration and his performance, even when the news reports are accurate” (PolitiFact, par. 3). Not unlike most controversy in recent years, the issue of “fake news” has made its way to the realm of social networking. Although Donald Trump’s use of the words “fake news” is almost always inaccurate, there are times when “fake news” is real. Proceeding the Las Vegas shooting facebook users like “Travis McKinney” (Carey, par. 1) began to see their facebook scattered with “ political rumors” (Carey, par. 2) these rumors detailed accounts in which “ The killer was anti-Trump, an “antifa” activist… he was an alt-right terrorist” (Carey, par. 2). These allegations were said to have “ran into the usual stream of chatter, news and selfies” (Carey, par. 3). I believe that the implementation of fake news by social networks is no longer a freak occurrence but is now embedded into the algorithms of media sources like facebook. Although contrary to the beliefs on the Trump administration, I believe that fake news does not just classify as something that opposes my own bias but, rather when something is clearly “fabricated content”

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