Negative Effects Of Substance Abuse

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Negative Effect of Substance Abuse
Substance abuse has effects on everyday users. The effects of using illegal and legal substances may be fatal or even cause death. Alcohol and cigarettes are known as gateway drug that can lead someone to more extreme drugs such as heroin, meth, and other harmful drugs (Myers 23-24). Gateway drugs lead more people to use and abuse the drugs they find to cope with the life they have now or maybe in the future. Substance abuse has negative effect on young teens and adults in the real world socially,physically, and emotionally.
The first effect is the social effect this is more harmful than physical and emotional put together (“Social Effects of an Addiction”). Social effects can cause depression this can cause more effect like suicidal thought. Drug abuse can also lead to crimes like stealing, underage drinking, and underage buying (Myers 47). Leading to crimes are bad enough but getting caught up with trouble can ruin your life ,you can be sent to jail for wanting to get high. Adding to this is that dropout drug users are much more likely to be involved with violent criminal activity.(Ojeda 24). Young teens are suffering from addiction in school this can cause teens to start failing or stop concentrating and learning you can not study while high or out of reality (“Substance Abuse”),(Myers 13). Teen will not get anything done if their high their want to be lazy and want to feel relax and feel like their back in control of the life but
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