Are Video Games Bad For Kids

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Video games are bad What are video games? Video games are games programed by a computer programmer showing electronically made images on a television screen. There are different kinds of video games like action, fighting, action adventure, adventure, role playing, shooter, simulation, strategy, sport, survival horror, and fantasy. Video games can be purchased at many stores, for example Game stop, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Kmart, and Toys R Us. These games are so popular that some individuals choose to buy and play video games on the computer. The paper presents information on both sides, leading up to the proof that video games are more harmful to kids.
Therefore children should eliminate excessive time spent playing videogames because it leads to negative impacts such as obesity, aggressive behavior, and violence.
Video games have been a very debatable topic for many years. The reason is because some believe video games should be allowed for children and some should not. Many people feel as if there should be an age limit for certain games like Grand theft auto, Call of duty, Roblox, Seven days to die, and Friday the thirteenth. One website called gave several main benefits of playing video games. The first one states, “Daphne proved that the sensitivity function can be improved by playing videogames” ( The second one states, “two studies were done at two universities in which people volunteered to play starcraft and the

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