Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Since video games first emerged in the 1970s, they have evolved significantly in terms of context. Instead of classic, light-hearted games like 'Pac-Man' or 'Tetris', the newest trend in gaming is violence. Graphic games have become increasingly popular, causing a plethora of controversy to erupt in regards to how they may affect today's adolescent gamers and their mental well-being. Recent scientific studies have concluded that graphic video games do in fact, have a harmful effect on today's youths. For example, researchers have validated a strong correlation between those who play these games and elevated levels of aggression. It is very likely that these "murder simulators" have caused children to see violence as a norm, rather than an unacceptable and inappropriate behavior. These concerns, however, have not gone unseen. At a point in time, the state of California, with good reason, worked to put an end to the distribution of such video games. Steven F. Gruel was one in favor of this law, supporting the research that states gaming increases the likelihood of negative behaviors not only socially, but academically as well. On the other hand, there are counterarguments to this research. Patricia A. Millett, for example, claims that the conclusion of the opposition "is based on profoundly flawed research". In addition to this, Millett argues that there could be third variables in play that confound the research. Although Millett's arguments may seem valid to some, they

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