Negative Effects On Social Media

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Like most of my peers I related to the article, “Social Media Is Changing How College Students Deal With Mental Health, For Better Or Worse,” heavily. The article explained, in detail, how social media can affect the mental health of a first year college students. I agree with this article to an extent. I also think social media affects not only people my age, but younger generations as well. When I began reading this article I felt like it was going to be another cliche article about how terrible teens are for using and overly using social media. However, my mind was changed and I was taken back when the Huffpost article mentioned, “Change, she noted, can exacerbate the effects of a mental health disorder.” In relation to that the article later noted, “Paired with the increasing dependence on social media, these factors leave students susceptible to mental health complications, some experts say.” I can personally relate to these statements from the text. I deal with my own mental health issues. I suffer from separation anxiety, social anxiety, and clinical depression. Ever since I came to the University of Cincinnati, my symptoms have been worse. In addition to that, I have noticed that I do take to social media. While on social media I see my old friends and acquaintances having the time of their lives at college. Everything is going well for them, from classes to new friendships to just the living experience. This article impressed me due to the fact that it gave me an

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