Negative Effects of Technology in Brave New World

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“Brave New World” Essay

Technology has been used negatively in Brave New World to create a future where individuals are incapable of producing or affecting change. Discuss this statement and show HOW Huxley has demonstrated this idea to his readers.

Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” explores the extreme impact of science and technology on an unreal world. The novel fits the science-fiction genre as a dystopia to the reader. Huxley wrote the novel in1932 and presented his thoughts which were influenced by many key events taking place before and during his lifetime. The “Brave New World” portrays a “perfect” society possessing no flaws due to its extremity of control. This was possible with technology. The individuals in this
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History is not referred to by any means. This is so, since there are many flaws and “smut” events which have occurred in history. By exposing these aspects to the modern society, the people would become confused due to the large amount of thought and analysis required in comprehending the former times. Mustapha Mond, the Controller, is aware of this however he is not convinced that it cannot equate with or overrule science and the current methods. He highlights this when he states that he has a “whole collection of pornographic old books” on page 189. By referring to the books as “pornographic”, he expresses his dislike for the past. Then, he clearly says that he has “God in the safe and Ford on the shelves,” using imperative language to plainly indicate his decision. The use of this direct tone reinforces the power and control that exists in Mond as the Controller. It also depicts how he cannot be easily influenced by anything. As the world is advanced, history is not thought of as a necessary knowledge and so it is abandoned.

With the existence of a different smaller place, the World State can be compared. The Savage Reservation is a place similar to the era of primitive communism when society was not advanced, land was not owned by anyone and food and belongings were shared. It was the time before civilisation. John, a product of this traditional system, serves as a comparison between the World State with its civilisation and advancements, and
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