Negative Essay : How Social Media Harm Users

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“How Social Media Harm Users”
I agree, Social media is one of the most common major issues that we are facing, especially among adolescents and children. These different sites like Facebook, YouTube, twitter, and myspace are all sites that have been used among people to prevent interaction and get involved through these websites. These sites are quantified your isolation these sites are been used for many different and interesting reasons, sometimes it was mandatory to get signed up and being involved in these sites just as a habit that others have adopted recently. Everything basically started to seem so tedious to people especially young students and teenagers who tend to show up their lifestyles by using these sites and have plenty of friends that consider as a fans being followed by like an audience so the social media actually harming adult and kids by preventing their privacy, main tool that create loneliness, effects on our mental and physical health , but also it’s a great easy way to people who have a short conversation among friends, families that results to make a distance among them. In common social media are used to post an events that you have been to pictures of you through the day and also share the apps, music and news that each person interested in so you can find a good partner or a friend , but also in social media there is nothing called privacy so the audience which is whoever has been added by you to your own page can comment on your page as

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