Negative Essay On Homelessness

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What is your first impression when you see a homeless man sleeping on the street? Most people limit their perspective on homelessness to the stereotype that homeless people are lazy, dangerous, and have drug addiction problems. People have this limited perspective because they believe in what they heard from peers and elderlies, see on social media, and read in books. For instance, children will tend to believe in the stereotype for homelessness if their parents remind them that homeless people are dangerous every time they encounter one on the street, or if they read about homeless drug addicts in novels. In addition, we tend to make assumptions about others based on their appearance. For example, we usually relate a dirty looking homeless man to laziness. I believe that there are multiple perspectives on who makes up the homeless population, which include low-income individuals and unemployed veterans.
Many low-income individuals and families become homeless because of high rent for housing. According to the CBS news article “San Jose State Professor Struggles Living Out of Her Car”, An adjunct English professor named Ellen Tara James-Penney at the San Jose State University lives in her car because she can’t afford a home in the South Bay with her 2500 monthly payment. While most people believe that homeless people are addicted to drugs and unemployed, the reality is that there are many well-educated people with white-collar jobs who can’t make enough to pay

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