Negative Impact Of Technology

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Over the years, technology has had a detrimental effect on society by altering critical thinking, reading techniques, and the human thought process. In the article, Is Google Making Us Stupid, author Nicholas Carr, explains the disadvantages the web has had on modern day citizen’s creativity and ability to read efficiently. In contrast, in the article, Is technology producing a decline in critical thinking and analysis? Composer Stuart Wolpert dwells on how technology has improved societies visual skills. While both novels use quotes, research, and data to gather supporting evidence to conclude the idea that technology has negatively altered humanities thought process. However, whereas Carr illustrates the way information is presented upon the Internet has changed our way of thinking, Wolpert demonstrates that the rise of visual intelligence is contributed to technology. Nicholas Carr uses structure to obtain his audience attention. The article begins with a quote from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The quote emphasizes a human rewiring a computer, in which he then correlates the function with how computers have rewired his brain. Carr provides his audience with a colored illustration above the opening text. Readers are automatically drawn to the image due its vibrant colors against the black writing. Throughout the article Cause and effect appears. For instance, in the first paragraph Carr uses personal observation to note the change in the way he thinks and reading

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