Negative Impact Of Video Games

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Video games have a real sense of irony, and this is why we need to increase and expand the number of video games being played for the future of our planet. So the real question here is why are we wanting to expand video games globally. For the sake of video games and video gamers, they come all over the world to play these magnificent games. Do they better our lives? Or do they do real damage to us for our society's culture? To answer the real question, let's say it did go globally for our culture, would we still be standing with all of our friends and family? This is a question we need to ask ourselves for the media. So much of the media talks down on video gamers. We need to understand the real reason as for why it comes to down to negative effects as well as all the future positivity it brings us.

Positivity is always increasing when it comes to the media side of video games by famous designers. These designers that create games globally like Daphne Bavelier, Jane McGonigal, Brenda Brathwaite and Gabe Zichermann all share a love for video games. They all inspire video gamers globally and are always wanting to bring more to the table as to why it should not be a culturally negative thing accepted by the media. As media tends to bring down video game designers every day in the news, the real outcomes to positive things are one it increases life spans for some, it brings friends and family together, and most of all there are always new games being designed everyday. As seen

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