Negative Impact On Communication

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In my life so far, the top three most influential technologies for communication have been e-mail, texting (including group texting), and social media (primarily Facebook). E-mail has shaped my life positively by being able to communicate professionally. Whether I need to communicate via e-mail with bosses, colleagues, or coworkers; e-mail has been an essential tool to be able to do so professionally, especially when face to face is not an option. A way that e-mail has had a negative impact on my life is if I neglect it. Even when you are on vacation, out with family, or sick in bed; the e-mails keep coming and the pile up can be overwhelming to get through. This is especially true when you are managing multiple e-mail accounts. Another negative impact is when e-mail is the only type of communication with someone. Through my experience, I have found that you can only say so much through written words, especially through email. The best communication with people goes through multiple mediums, of talking in person (or on the phone) as well as through e-mail.
Texting has had a big impact on my life. I grew up without a phone, however, in my last years of high school my parents bought me one. Since then, texting has been a crucial way of communicating with my friends, family, and peers. Texting, first of all is very convenient. Most people text back within a couple hours and it allows for informal conversation. Group texting has played a key part in my life as well. Group

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