Negative Views Of Foreign Imperialism

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Over the course of a few years, overseas expansionism has done nothing but worsen who we are as a country. Our involvement into the Spanish American War, when we acquired the Philippines, and the out comes even after have shown that overseas expansionism was nothing but negative towards us. This negativity has shaped the negative views of supporters and non-supporters of overseas expansionism.

In doc 1, we see that an African American newspaper writer writes an article on the war. The newspaper seems to be a newspaper for blacks so the writer targets black readers as well. In the article, the writer talks about how hard times are and how they’ve never been in a situation like the Spanish American War. He states that allowing African Americans to the join the military to fight this war is the key to this wars success. He supports blacks joining the military and also tries to encourage blacks to not be afraid and join. It’s believed that having them join can end the racial hate between the whites and the blacks therefore, overseas expansion would result in positivity. Joining together as forces can help unite all in this war to end all wars. They thought that maybe after the war the United States would accept every color and not discriminate any longer.

We as the United States, grow supporting this dogma that states that all men are created equal doc 2. We continue to support this until its time to support and test this idea, as this is where we fail. A professor at Yale

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