Negotiations Between Chicago 's Teachers Union And Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

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Exploring Negotiations
This essay will explain the basics of negotiations between different parties. The essay will include the information background that can help or hinder the outcomes of these negotiations. This essay is about the negotiations between Chicago’s Teachers Union and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel in 2012. The failure to have a timely outcome that each party could agree upon force the teachers of Chicago public schools to strike for nine days at the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year. This strike was detrimental to the public school system with as much as 26,000 teachers and other personnel in the nation 's third-biggest school district (Belkin & Banchero, 2012).
Rahm Emmanuel: What he is wants to give
When renegotiating the contracts with the Chicago Teachers Union, Rahm Emmanuel proposed an evaluation system performance rating scale for teachers’ raises (Belkin & Banchero, 2012) , he wants the right to lay off teacher in low-performing and under-enrolled schools, a longer school day by 90 minutes, a longer school year by 10 days, and raise the class number to 44 students. The evaluation system that he intends to implement would be a test given to the students in the beginning of the year and then again in the end tracking the progress of the students. Depending on these scores, it would constitute up to 40% of the teachers annual salary performance increase. Emmanuel wants the control to have the ability to lay-off and close schools in the…
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