Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood Watch Proposal

Neighborhood Watch Proposal

Introduction A Neighborhood Watch Program is a community-implemented program that assists with preventing crime. This program was started in the 1970’s by the National Sheriff’s Association to encourage members of various communities to observe and report on suspicious activities within their neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Watch Program’s purpose is to improve safety within a neighborhood. Providing a study on communities that are utilizing the Neighborhood Watch Programs will give insight into a neighborhood that should be able to come together to fight against crime and attempt to retake their community from criminals. This proposal will promote some
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Neighborhood watch meetings may be held in places such as a local high school gym, a community center, or even in a resident’s home.

The Benefits of a Neighborhood Watch Program Resource programs implemented through a neighborhood watch would be beneficial to public safety and help to unite citizens with public safety officials. The two groups would have the opportunity to work together and combine their individual strengths and knowledge. This joining of the two would help to improve the lifestyle within the community and allow for issues occurring in these urban areas to be addressed. Assistance from the police department would also help the effectiveness of the program because law enforcement would build a partnership with the community’s members. Residents of the community will have more faith in the safety of their neighborhood as well as restore their faith in the police officers working with them. Other departments play an active role within the neighborhood watch programs; the department of transportation, the fire department, city council, and animal control departments. If these departments would unite and accept responsibility in eliminating and decreasing the crime issues within the community, residents’ fears would be reduced and they would aid in improving the quality of life significantly. The residents in the community will eventually start to view the city and public safety officers as being
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