Nelson Mandela 's President Of The African National Congress

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In 1991, Mandela was chosen to be president of the African National Congress. Mandela kept a balance between armed resistance and negotiations. In 1993, Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize along with President de Klerk, for the duty of dismantling the apartheid. In 1994, South Africa held its first democratic election and Nelson Mandela was inaugurated on May 10, 1994. He was South Africa 's first black president, at the time he was 77, and chose de Klerk as his first deputy.

In 1994, the book Long Walk to Freedom was published. This book was written while he was in prison and he spoke about his life journey. In 1995, the book was awarded the Order of Merit. During his presidency Mandela worked to make a difference for his people, so …show more content…

During the next years, Mandela was back and forth in hospitals due to medical treatment for his cancer. He died on December 5, 2013, at 95, but his legacy continues to live on. He remains inspiring human rights activists today and he is a great example of someone who made a difference for his country and returnded to the place he called home in his heart.
Following tradition, Mandela 's guardian arranged a marriage for him and Mandela was not so happy with the idea. He thought his freedom was being taken away so he decided to run away to Johannesburg. There he had many jobs and he continued studying to get his degree. Mandela then joined the African National Congress in 1942, him along with a group of young Africans wanted to make a difference. Mandela participated in nonviolent acts of defiance against the government for almost 20 years. Part of this included the 1952 Defiance Campaign and the 1955 Congress of People. In 1956, many people were charged for treason and arrested, Nelson Mandela being one of them. After being released, he was arrested once again in 1961 for 5 years because he was the leader of a strike. In 1963, he was brought to trial again . He had many plans to escape, but the British intellegence force kept ruining them. Being in prison was difficult for Mandela, but he tried to remain helping his people. When President P.W. Botha suffered a stroke, he was replaced by

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