Neocolonialism: the Relationship Between Superpowers and the Developing World

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Using examples assess the view that the relationship between superpowers and the developing world is a neo colonial one. (15)

The dominating capitalist ideology from superpowers has led to extreme inequalities between core and peripheral nations, which has resulted in an unstable relationship with the developing world. Neocolonialism is a geopolitical practice in which a superpower perpetuates its economic and political hegemony on underdeveloped nations. This indirect and ‘disguised’ Imperialism has continued in variable degrees between colonial powers and peripheral regions including Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.

According to Dr Alice Lyman Miller, a superpower is: “a country with the capacity to project dominating
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Two hundred giant corporations dominate the world’s economic activity such as General Motors being larger than Denmark & Ford is bigger than South Africa [economically]. Pilger travelled to Indonesia to examine the discrimination he believes globalization causes, where high street brand Nike is mass-produced by cheap labour in ‘sweatshops’. Foreign Direct Investment in low-tech manufacturing areas mean big profits for TNC’s, resulting in Superpowers approving of the advantages the developing world brings. In contrast, the developing world doesn’t have a good relationship with superpowers, due to the injustice of exploitation and poverty. This high mass consumption from superpowers correlates with the modernization theory, in that consumerism is increasing among wealthier countries.

In contrast to this argument, is the idea of ‘paternalistic neocolonialism’, some people of colonial countries believes culturally and ideologically that the relationship between superpowers and developing nations is beneficial in the long-term. Emerging superpower China has delegated with the Democratic Republic of Congo in that Chinese multinational corporations will only receive copper ore if Chinese firms provide infrastructural services to the D.R. of Congo. Hence this relationship becomes more balanced in that the developing nation receives payment for its valuable resources, catalyzing industrial development. This
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